Ford Battery Maintenance & Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

Ford Battery Maintenance & Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

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Choose our Ford battery service in Phoenix, AZ, to manage your battery needs, replacement, or repair. Our service center can help you diagnose a faulty or broken battery and help match your car to the perfect unit. See our team to take advantage of competitive Ford battery price points, coupons, and deals.

After learning more about why battery services are crucial to the health and functionality of your vehicle, as well as what signs to look for that indicate a replacement battery is in order, check in with our service department. Leave the heavy lifting to us while we care for your battery needs.

Why Choose a Ford Battery Service

Why Choose a Ford Battery Service

A battery will need to be serviced twice a year, or every 6,000 miles, by a mechanic. Our specialists will identify signs that indicate the battery is failing, including rusting, leaking, and corrosion around the battery’s terminals and connectors.

Additionally, getting a full battery service can check to ensure there is enough charge in the unit to start and run your vehicle. This service will also check that your battery can handle the vehicle’s load.

Proper Ford Battery Maintenance Steps

Proper Ford Battery Maintenance Steps

Proper maintenance is vital to ensuring the life and vitality of your Ford battery. Here are some steps you can take to lengthen your battery’s lifespan and help it function at an optimal level:

  • Clean the battery’s surface to remove corrosion
  • Remove debris from terminals
  • Inspect the outer casing
  • Avoid driving in extreme temperatures

Pop open your hood and inspect your car battery frequently, especially when you notice signs that your battery may be going bad. Prevention and maintenance can make the battery last longer, but eventually, the unit will need to be replaced. Check with your Ford battery warranty on how you can save on your next battery replacement, or allow us to help you find the answers you need by visiting our location in Phoenix, AZ.

Signs You Need a Ford Battery Replacement

Typically, a battery will go bad after several years, especially if the driver commutes daily to work or takes frequent road trips. A bad battery can be the source of many issues, including not being able to start the vehicle. There are some signs your battery is going bad:

See our seasoned professionals for a diagnosis and replacement if you notice any of these signs. Sometimes, a new battery is all your car needs to function better and restore your vehicle’s performance.

Stop by for Ford Battery Service, Replacement, & More

Schedule your next service appointment for your Ford battery service with our industry professionals in Phoenix, AZ. Our technicians are experts in the field and are ready to help you get your car road-ready again. Save big on Ford battery coupon options or deals for the services we offer.

Our specialists can run through all of the ways we can help keep extra money in your pocket on all the services you need. While you’re here, consider seeing our service center for our Ford brake service. Our technicians can help your car remain responsive and adventure-ready.


Are batteries covered under the Ford maintenance plan?

The maintenance plans offered by Ford don’t include any battery work, although the technician inspecting your vehicle may notice battery-related issues during their inspection. Any repair or replacement service needed on your vehicle’s battery is typically paid out of the driver’s pocket. Thankfully battery services are typically less expensive than many other repairs. Check with our dealership about your vehicle’s warranty and inquire about battery service coverage.

Is battery service necessary?

If you notice strange odors or debris on the battery terminals, it’s time for battery service. Corrosion can clog the battery terminals and connectors. When corrosion builds up, the motor may not be able to draw current from the battery, thus preventing the vehicle from starting. Getting an inspection will prevent this from becoming an issue.

How often should a battery be serviced?

Typically, it’s recommended to service a car battery every 6,000 miles, or twice a year. However, factors such as driving habits, weather conditions, and the battery’s age can affect the functionality of the battery. Check with our service center to get a full battery service.

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