Ford Oil Change Service In Phoenix, AZ

Ford Oil Change Service In Phoenix, AZ

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If there is one thing that is likely to extend the lifespan of your car, it’s getting a Ford oil change in line with your owner’s manual recommendations. While this concept may seem simple, fresh engine oil helps lubricate your engine’s moving parts and clear sludge away by passing it through the oil filter. This makes your car, truck, or SUV run more efficiently, saving you money on gas. Most importantly, engine oil reduces the risk of your engine overheating. By protecting your engine and extending its life, you protect the whole vehicle.

How Often Do You Need Ford Oil Change Service?

Check your owner’s manual for instructions on how often you should get a Ford oil change. In many cases, the recommendation will be to get this service every 7,500 miles (or six months) if you utilize synthetic oil. Conventional oil is typically less effective and degrades earlier than synthetic, requiring you to get it flushed out and replaced every three months or so.

Regardless of the suggested service interval, various circumstances can conspire to move the timeline up. For example, if you go on a long road trip, your oil might need to be changed quicker; a leak should also be addressed immediately. Therefore, schedule an appointment at our service center if you notice one or more of the following warning signs:

You can also pull the dipstick out of your oil from where it is usually located to the left of the engine. The markings on it will let you see if the oil is currently sitting at the right level. If it is, wipe the dipstick against a clean cloth to observe its color and texture. New engine oil is translucently amber. As it gets used more, it becomes darker and thicker. By the time it is brown or black and gritty, it’s no longer doing what it needs to do and should be replaced.

Why Should You Get a Ford Dealer Oil Change Instead of Doing It DIY?

If you’re the kind of person who likes to paint your own house or undertake a baking challenge, it might have occurred to you to try performing a DIY oil change service in Phoenix, AZ. While there are plenty of tutorials online that could walk you through the steps, you will need to purchase a fair amount of supplies to pull this off successfully. Additionally, you will need to carefully avoid staining your driveway with oil, as the liquid could break down your driveway’s sealcoating over time. This is why it is usually more cost-effective and time-saving to just use our Ford oil change coupons.

In addition, our team has the experience to complete this process quickly and the knowledge to ensure the right kind of oil is used. For example, the hot temperatures in Phoenix, AZ, may prompt us to use a thicker oil than might be widely advertised because of the way heat can thin it. This is crucial for preventing the vehicle from prematurely breaking down due to using the wrong type of oil.

Lastly, when you buy a new vehicle from our Ford dealer in Phoenix, AZ, it comes with a powertrain warranty, protecting parts like the engine. However, this agreement may be null and void if you perform oil changes yourself.

Of course, if you do want to work on your car yourself or outfit it with special accessories, we offer Ford parts specials that can help you make it happen for a competitive price.

Trust Us To Keep Your Car in Great Shape

If you require any automotive care — oil changes, brake pad replacement, tire rotations, or more — let us be of assistance. While we primarily service Ford vehicles, we can also work on other popular makes and models.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will perform the services your vehicle needs efficiently while not trying to pressure you into unnecessary services. Our primary goal is to keep your family safe and your sedan, truck, or SUV running beautifully. Call us today to set an appointment or to ask questions about how to extend the life of your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ford Oil Changes

What is included in an oil change service at Bell Ford?

In addition to flushing out the oil and replacing it and the oil filter, our team will use this opportunity to check on other crucial elements of your car system. For example, if we notice that your brake pads are running thin, we’ll mention it and let you decide whether to address that, too. The six-month intervals at which most people need an oil change aids general preventative maintenance.

How often does Ford recommend an oil change?

If you have a modern vehicle that takes synthetic oil, an oil change every 7,500 miles is recommended. That usually amounts to every six months. If your car, truck, or SUV is from 2007 or before, more regular attention may be needed. Regardless of how many miles have passed since your last visit, get an oil change if your supply is dark and gritty.

What type of motor oil does Ford recommend?

Ford vehicles often run their best on Motorcraft synthetic motor oil. However, the specific type will depend on what kind of vehicle you have and what kind of driving you do. Usually, this information will be written in your Ford owner’s manual under “Capacities and Specifications.” However, warmer temperatures can sometimes call for thicker engine oil. Call up our Parts Department for help selecting the right oil for your car.

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