Ford has always been one of America's favorite brands.  As one of the pioneering automobile companies, it has moved forward strongly with the times, always at the forefront of in-car entertainment and information technology.  That's why so many drivers in the Phoenix area love their Ford models at Bell Ford.  With always reliable vehicles and a strong commitment to the latest in vehicle technology and connectivity, Ford is on top.  If you are considering a Ford model as your next vehicle of choice, our Ford Tech Information Hub has the answers you need.  


SYNC/SYNC with MyFord

SYNC lets Ford drivers answer phones calls, listen to their favorite music, and use smartphone apps, all completely hands-free through advanced voice recognition software.  The 4.2-inch color LCD display screen will provide you with all the information you need, from song titles, phone contacts and caller identification, to the time and temperature.  SYNC will even put together a personalized playlist for you.

Use apps such as:

  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • iHeartRadio
  • Glympse
  • MLB.COM At Bat

SYNC with MyFord Touch

When you upgrade to MyFord Touch, you'll love the larger touchscreen with customizable color-coded quadrants.  You can even save a favorite photo as your home screen wallpaper.  Drivers with MyFord Touch will have access to SiriusXM radio stations, and will be able to control Navigation and climate control via SYNC.


The latest iteration of SYNC is completely revamped, with highly responsive tech that brings real innovation to the roads of Phoenix.  Now with faster reaction times and a new interface that adds swipe and pinch-to-zoom functionality, your SYNC infotainment system is as easy to use as your phone screen, though voice commands are still an option for occupied drivers.  SYNC 3 is also Siri Eyes Free compatible.  SYNC 3 will automatically upgrade itself with new software updates over Wi-Fi, as they become available.


Look no further than a Ford for the most fun you'll have on the road in Phoenix, with dynamic vehicles and an entertaining trip every time.  If you'd like to experience Ford SYNC for yourself, visit our dealership to test drive one of the many models equipped with Ford's industry leading infotainment system.  Browse our online inventory, and then give us a call at 602-457-8261.

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