Introducing The 2023 Ford Transit Trail Designed For Work Or Play

ford transit trail

The Ford Transit Trail is a bold new version of the company's well-known Transit van geared specifically towards the adventurous folks who want to build or design their own camper vans. The vehicle is available in a variety of different sizes and configurations, all of which offer DIY-friendly features so you can build the van you've always wanted. We will discuss the Ford Transit Trail features, specs, and options below so that you can figure out if this is the right machine for you.

Imagine it: you wake up in the morning to the smell of the great outdoors. Your spacious van is warm but not hot; you roll out of bed and set your electric kettle to boil for your morning coffee. The sound of twittering birds filters into your home-on-wheels and the sound of running water beyond it is a pleasant backdrop to your morning. You've got your new Ford Transit Trail parked by the water and have loved it here. Your new van gives you the freedom you've always wanted.

Ford Transit Trail Specs and Sizes

The Ford Transit Trail comes standard with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine that outputs 310 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque, offering you all the power you need to conquer the trails. It comes with a ten-speed automatic transmission and Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. This latter feature allows you to select from five different drive modes, including Eco, Mud/Rut, and Tow/Haul. These options will enable you to succeed in your adventures.

The vehicle comes with several van-life upgrades not found on the base model of the Ford Transit. You'll enjoy a 3.5-inch lift, a 2.75-inch wider track, and 30.5-inch all-terrain tires. It also boasts a unique skid-protection front bumper, splash guards, and the Ford Heavy-Duty Trailer Package. When properly equipped, your Ford Transit Trail 4x4 will be able to tow up to 6,500 pounds. This capacity allows you to bring a jet ski, ATV, or another fun toy to your campsite.

Ford Transit Trail Interior

The interior of the Ford Transit Trail is spacious and ready for upfitting. If you opt for the extended length and high-roof model, you'll enjoy a whopping 487 cubic feet of cargo space to outfit as you'd like. Folks up to six feet and five inches tall will be able to stand up straight in your new home on wheels. The DIY drillable panels allow you to easily install the shelves, bed, or other living space essentials you envision. You can also swivel some of the van seats for ease of use.

The cabin of the Ford Transit Trail camper comes with several useful features. The overhead shelf is great for maps and other driving essentials, while the push-button start offers a touch of elegance. You'll also enjoy a 12-inch touch screen and a host of safety features in this cutting-edge automobile. Blind spot monitoring will help you manage this vehicle when driving to a new state, while the reverse and side parking sensors make fitting into tight spots easier.

What Can You Do With a Ford Transit Trail?

The new Ford Transit Trail for sale is a DIY enthusiast's dream. The van's cargo space is cavernous, offering all the room you require to bring your vision of your living space to life. You could fit a full-size bed in the back and still have room for a small kitchen setup. Folks willing to live a little rougher could string up a hammock and turn the rest of the space into a storage dream with cabinets. With the 2023 Ford Transit camper, the possibilities are endless.

The available Upfitter Package includes high-capacity upfitter switches, a center console, dual AGM batteries, an auxiliary fuse panel, and a specialized vehicular wiring system that is ready to accept your upgrades. You can truly turn this van into your home away from home – or your place of residence.

Living on the edge of a river has never been easier. The available roof vent can keep your new living space cool, even when you're camping out under the hot sun. The new Ford Transit Trail has been designed with van living in mind, and it shows. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team if you have any questions about this dynamic new Ford vehicle.

Ford Transit Trail Release Date

Industry experts expect the Ford Transit Trail to be available in Spring 2023. That's just around the corner. If you're a van life enthusiast, it's time to get excited about this bold new vehicle. Some folks, however, will be in the market for a new van before then. If that sounds like you, you'd be well served to check out our inventory of Ford work vans for sale. These vehicles can also be converted into the mobile home and adventure machine that you've always wanted.

As a Ford dealership in Phoenix, AZ, we proudly offer Ford vehicles to our customers. Ford is an American company that builds durable and powerful automobiles. No matter your needs or preferences, you can find something that will work for you when you look in our all-new Ford inventory, which ranges from the striking new Ford Mustang to the 2023 Ford Transit van.

Our finance team works hard to try and secure you the low-rate financing plan that you deserve. The sales staff at our dealership is friendly and upfront; we don't try to upsell you on things you do not need. When you work with us, you'll experience dedication to customer service. Visit our dealership today to discuss the Ford Transit Trail or to test drive a new Ford vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ford Transit come in AWD?

The Ford Transit Trail comes standard with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. You will be able to choose from five drive modes with this excellent feature: Normal, Eco, Tow/Haul, Slippery, and Mud/Rut. This capability gives you the tools you need to conquer any terrain, no matter how remote or rugged it may be, or to bring your jet ski along for a ride.

Does the Ford Transit Trail come in diesel?

The new Ford Transit Trail comes with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine that outputs 310 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. This van-life-ready machine is not available with a diesel engine at this point, but future model years of the vehicle may well include the option. For now, however, we're thrilled by the powerful V-6.

Which Ford Transit is best for conversion?

The Ford Transit Trail is the best van for conversion to living on the road. It is designed to be a DIY enthusiast's paradise, which also makes it an easy job for professional upfitters. If you're ready to break loose from the busy nature of modern life and take to living on four wheels, this is the vehicle for you.

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